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What is...Pack (Greg Laurie) 11 AUDIO CDs


Rapture, backsliding, sin, the Gospel, salvation... what do they mean? So often we hear the words at church bandied around but with no real explanation. If you are confused or you are discipling new Christians then this pack is for you. Ps Greg Laurie explains all the Christian terms in his laid-back, humourous but forthright style.




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Includes 11 messages from pastor Greg Laurie. Topics include:

What is Prayer?
Prayer is foundational to our faith. Listen as Pastor Greg Laurie shares how the world views prayer and our need for it. He shares how God is only interested in the posture of our heart, not our bodies. We can speak to Him anytime, anywhere. Prayer is not about moving God into line with our will, but rather aligning our desires with Him. A great message to deepen your personal relationship with Christ.
What is Backsliding?
Some believers don't notice the gradual erosion in their relationship with the Lord until the day they wake up and see how far they are from Him. We need to be careful - many of us have the potential to fall away. It might be a controversial statement but there are many people attending church who think they are right in with the Lord, but are actually backsliding. As you listen to this message by Pastor Greg Laurie, you will see how backsliding begins, and how to stop it before it damages your life. Based on Luke 22
What is Sin?
Are we by nature basically good or are we sinners? Our response to this question will dramatically affect our outlook on everything in life. But the answer raises even more questions: Where did sin come from? Did God create it or allow it? If God does not sin, can He be blamed for sin? Listen as Pastor Greg Laurie delves into these questions and looks critically at the answers.
What is the Church?
More than ever, people today are searching for more in their life. They're looking for truth in all the wrong places. So what is the purpose of the church? Just to fill seats or has God got another reason for it being here? Pastor Greg Laurie says we need to get back to what the Word teaches on how a church should be established. Listen as he shares truths from Acts 2.
What is the Gospel?
The Gospel. It's a message that saves souls for eternity. Pastor Greg Laurie says it's imperative we get that message right... that we not add to, or take away from, it. He digs into God's Word for the definitive description of 'the good news'. Based on Matthew 11:28
What is the Meaning of Life?
Pastor Greg Laurie shares on the question of 'finding the meaning of life'. He uses Solomon's search for the meaning of his own life found in the Bible. God offers life during life, not just life after death. Be encouraged and discover the meaning of life as you listen to this profound message.
What is the Rapture?
Is the end of the world near? Pastor Greg Laurie looks at end times events and their chronology... what happens and when. He explains what 'rapture' means and how, in the Bible, the rapture is the next event prophesised. If you have ever wanted to understand what 'rapture' means in the Bible, this message will not only bring clarity but also the answers you have been looking for.
What is Worship?
How important is worship in our lives? Pastor Greg Laurie says it's tied to the purpose of life itself. Here he takes a look at worship, not as an event but as a lifestyle. Because everybody on the face of the earth worships, though it may not be God they worship. It could be an entertainer, sports, themselves. Everyone bows to something, even atheists and sceptics worship, all people worship. It is a unique distinctive of humanity.
What is in a Name?
Everyone has a name. It can have a huge impact on a person's life and steer its direction. Statistics show that if you have an unusual or embarrassing name, it's four times more likely that you'll be in trouble than other people. Names have meanings and they are important. The Bible ascribes a number of names and titles to Jesus. Pastor Greg Laurie says those names are descriptions of His character and how He relates to believers on a daily basis. He answers the question: What's in a Name?
What is Your Story?
It packs a punch. It's one of your most powerful spiritual evangelism resources. What is it? Pastor Greg Laurie says it's your testimony... your own personal story of what Christ has done for you. It's important you can share the 'before and after' of what God has done. When you share how God has enabled a transition in your life, it speaks to people in a unique way. Learn how to share your story effectively as Pastor Greg provides key points to equip you to make the most of giving God the glory for the transformation of your life. Based on John 4.
What is Salvation?
Do you understand how significant salvation actually is? What is salvation really? What are we being saved from, and for what purpose? Who does this work in our lives, and is it genuinely available for anyone who asks? Pastor Greg Laurie shares insight into these questions, saying that everything we need is found in salvation. Based on Romans 5

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