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3 great messages from 3 inspiring speakers!! Challenge your understanding of where Jesus was crucified with Bob Cornuke’s Golgotha Go deep into the oldest existing Biblical manuscripts in Dr Peter Flint’s The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls and explore fascinating challenges to Biblical perspectives in Chuck Missler’s The Mystery of Melchizedek. SAVE OVER 25%!!

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This pack contains 3 DVD


Maybe it's time you Learned the Truth about the true location of where Christ was crucified...

Warning! This DVD will challenge your understanding as to where Jesus Christ was crucified. Known for his detective approach to Bible archaeology, Bob Cornuke sets aside the emotionally held traditions of the past that may have obscured the pathway to truth and opens the door to a whole new way of finding the Biblical site of the crucifixion. By using the compass of solid evidence, Bob charts a course for discovery that will thrill the willing Bible explorer who is on a quest for truth. Don’t let tradition get in the way of truth.

Session One: Temple
Session Two: Golgotha

Running Time: approx 120 minutes

Includes mp3 version & notes

The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls

From the foremost authority on Paleo-Hebrew, Peter Flint PhD, discusses the meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls, their significance for understanding the Bible, Judaism, Jesus and Christianity.

The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in caves near the Dead Sea, 24 km east of Jerusalem, from 1947 to 1956. They include the oldest existing Biblical manuscripts and the remarkable texts of the purist Jewish community at Qumran. The discovery of the scrolls has added dramatically to our understanding of the varieties of Judaism at the time of Jesus and also to the rise of Christianity. However it has also promoted heated debate about the nature of these religions. As the monumental task of transcribing and translating the Dead Sea Scrolls is finally completed, people around the world are taking stock of the significance of these ancient documents. In this study, one of the world's foremost experts on the scrolls reveals the complete and fascinating story in all its detail: the amazing discovery, the intense controversies and the significant revelations.

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Run Time: 106 mins.

Number of discs: 1

The Myestery of Melchizedek

Who was this strange Priest/King that received tithes from Abraham? (€¦and administered bread and wine to him?)
How is Melchizedek relevant to the Messiah of Israel?
Did Melchizedek have a temple that predated Solomon's?
Is the Jewish Kingdom as portrayed in the Old Testament simply an intermediate parenthesis within a larger expanse?
Why are the distinctives so divergent from the enforced separation of the kingship and priesthood under David?
Were the bread and wine served by Melchizedek eschatological? Did they embrace the Cross? (They, too, echo across the pages of the OT)
Was the Lord's Communion anticipated in Gen. 14?
Deriving from some very recent discoveries in Jerusalem (although some are yet to be confirmed) these studies may challenge many of the comfortable traditions that have shaped our classic Biblical perspectives.

Join us as we explore some fascinating challenges to our previous understandings of things that shape our ultimate destiny€¦

This briefing pack contains 1 hour of teaching

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