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Nancy shares from her recent personal experience of suffering & pain, her discovery of what real hope in Him means. As she lost hope in the midst of her situation, Nancy learnt that you can have faith, but still feel hopeless. Join Nancy as she guides you to find your mooring & grounding in the anchor that holds firm, Jesus Christ, the anchor of our soul.

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Have you ever felt hopeless?

“Hope” is something we can possess, but it’s also something we can lose. You can have faith, but still be hopeless. After being a Christian for over 60 years, I too, lost my hope this past year as I faced overwhelming and multiple physical challenges. When you lose your hope, you not only lose your mooring and your grounding, you also lose your vision and your dreams. But God…loved me so much…that He used my pain and suffering to teach me what real hope in Him means.

That’s what this book is all about.

Hope is “the tie or the connection to the Lord behind the veil.” Hope not only allows us to “see Him who is invisible” in the midst of our trials, it also gives us the endurance to go on. Only “hope” can become “the anchor of our soul” when everything around us is crashing and burning. (Hebrews 6:18-19)

Like Abraham, “who against hope believed in hope,” we must learn to unconditionally trust the Lord to do the impossible, regardless of what we see, what we think or what we feel. (Romans 4:18)



About The Author:

Nancy Missler

Chuck and Nancy Missler founded Koinonia House in 1973 after losing everything in a failed business deal. Nancy married Chuck one year after graduating from UCLA and devoted herself to raising their four children. After almost 20 years of marriage they appeared on the outside to have it all: but despite their strong commitment to Christ, their marriage was falling apart. As Nancy began to search the Scriptures for the answers to her broken heart and began practicing what the Lord revealed, a sequence of events began that revolutionized their marriage. Her first book, Why Should I be The First To Change? describes the miracle of her healed marriage. She followed this with The King's High Way Trilogy: The Way of Agape, Be Ye Transformed and Faith in the Night Seasons. These are study courses that teach the practical application of how to love as God desires; how to renew our minds so we can be transformed into His image; and, how to experience unshakeable faith so we can enjoy intimacy with Him. More than 400,000 copies of Nancy's books have been sold to date. She has spoken to women's groups throughout the United States as well as Europe, Australia, Israel, Thailand and New Zealand. - Publisher.

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