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God, Just Tell Me What To Do (Michael Youssef) PAPERBACK


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It's easy to say we believe in Jesus Christ, but actually living out the faith we profess—loving the unlovable, overcoming temptation, trusting God in the midst of trials—this is the true test of our faith.

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"We are not savethrough good works or by good works. We are saved fogood works. 

Our good works will never save us, but our good works are evidence that we have been saved."

The epistle of James is unusual in tone and content among the New Testament letters, containing many moral precepts and challenging readers to seek godly wisdom on such topics as
• poverty and riches
• trials and temptation
• hearing and obeying the Word of God
• faith versus works
• taming the tongue
• friendship with the world versus friendship with God
• patience in suffering

The wisdom of this letter speaks to us across the ages as every issue James addresses is as urgent and timely today as when he first wrote it. For the person who wants to be wise, time spent soaking up the wisdom of James, the half-brother of Jesus, is time wisely spent.

Paperback, 224 pages

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