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Anti-Semitism is on the rise today to levels exceeding those during World War II but where did it all begin? What is the root of this ancient hatred for the Jew? This new book Hatred of the Jew will give you an understanding and a new love for God's chosen people.

Author, linguist analyst, Bible translator, nuclear scientist and church planter Victor Schlatter has the courage to 'tell it like it is' and unravels this dark history with touches of his humour and wit.

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The ancient origins of anti-Semitism will surprise you!

From Cain to today's Islamist, from Antiochus Epiphanes to Adolph hitler, and from Martin Luther to the modern-day supersessionist, Jew hatred has been a part of the landscape of the human heart. It is an obsession that dwells deep in the souls of men, conceived by Lucifer himself because of his hatred of the Most High, and it has given birth to some of the most heinous evils this world has known. This book will speak to both Jew and Gentile. It will guide you to eschew from your heart any remote lingering of anti-Semitism. Most importantly, it will inspire you to be a lover of the Most High and of the People that He has chosen to fulfill His purposes. 

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Victor Schlatter was a nuclear scientist before being called to Bible translation. His translation of the Waola Scriptures has spawned over 125 congregations across Papua New Guinea. The author of five books, he is the Director of SPIM and lectures worldwide. Victor and his wife, Elsie, live in Australia.

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