Names and Covenants Pack (Anne Hamilton) 5 x PAPERBACKS


God's Pageantry, Panoply, Poetry, Pottery and Priority. Get these five books from the Names and covenant series in this money-saving pack.

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God's Pageantry: The Threshold Guardian & the Covenant Defender


Recognise them? Met them just as the door opened into your calling? Found that not only were events conspiring against you but you were self-sabotaging? Lost your faith and felt betrayed when your dreams fell in on you?

A critical loss of knowledge about the existence and nature of threshold / cornerstone covenants has occurred in the last century. We no longer have any idea how perilous or complex spiritual doorways are. Many of us put ourselves in harm's way and abandon hope we'll ever step into our destinies.

GOD'S PAGEANTRY is about the obstacles we encounter, the covenants we face and the armour we need to pass over the threshold.

God's Panoply: The Amour of God, The Kiss of Heaven

Twice in Scripture, the apostle Paul speaks of submission then marriage relationships, before outlining some thoughts on armour. Once he issues instructions to wives; once he gave direction about government.

Does his thought sequence suggest that the Hebrew words for marriage, submission and armour are related? And, if so, how does it affect the interpretation of these Scriptures?

This thought-provoking look into the massive difference in meaning between the Hebrew and Greek concepts of submission is inspiring, uplifting and challenging. Both logical and lyrical, this is a book that has captured many hearts and minds, as well as changed the way readers approach the study of the Word of God.

God's Poetry: The Identity & Destiny Encoded in Your Name

What's in a name?

Shakespheare said a rose by any other name would small as sweet. But is it just an arbitrary label? In Scripture, name covenants were the embodiment of identity, destiny, power and purpose. So why do so few of us come into the calling prophetically breathed into our names?

God's Pottery: The Sea of Names & the Pierced Inheritance

Guilt says, 'I made a mistake.' Shame says, 'I am a mistake.' Shame affects both our identity and destiny in Christ.

So it's no coincidence that, in Hebrew, guilt and shame are related to the very thing that defines our true identity: our own name.

Name covenants and threshold covenants are meant to usher us into the hidden place in Christ where He is our shield and inheritance. Instead shame, disappointment and fear drive us into complicity with the enemy of our souls.

When the door into our calling opens but we experience constriction and wasting, not full and abundant life, then it's time to uncover just what has gone wrong.

God's Priority: World-Mending & Generatinal Testing

If ever there's a time to expect the unexpected, it's when we finally 'pass over' the threshold. Waiting for us is a test.

Not just any old test. Abraham, on cutting a threshold covenant with God, re-did precisely the same test he'd failed when he went down to Egypt. When he failed again, the test passed down--with eerie exactitude--to his son Isaac.

'Do you trust Me now?' is God's question on the far side of the threshold.

When we're there, the tests our forbears failed might be waiting for us. But, as Jesus shows, trusting God doesn't have to be an extravagant show. World-mending is simple, unpretentious and one-to-one.


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Names and Covenants Pack (Anne Hamilton) 5 x PAPERBACKS

Names and Covenants Pack (Anne Hamilton) 5 x PAPERBACKS

God's Pageantry, Panoply, Poetry, Pottery and Priority. Get these five books from the Names and covenant series in this money-saving pack.

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