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Understanding the Bible Pack (Kameel Majdali) mp3


Understanding the Bible Series will inform and inspire you to a greater study of God’s Word and a better walk with Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour, and Lord. $15 each if purchased individually

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Verse-by-verse commentary with printable PDF notes.


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Understanding the Bible Series will inform and inspire you to a greater study of God’s Word and a better walk with Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour, and Lord.

This package will include the following teachings:

  • Philippians: How to Have Joy in All Circumstances
  • Pearls of Proverbs: Finding Wisdom in the Word of God
  • Psalms 23: Your Guide to the Future
  • Understanding Genesis
  • Understanding Revelation
  • Understanding Mark
  • Adventures in Ephesians
  • Understanding Book of Ruth: From Tragedy to Triumph.
  • Understanding Book of Esther: For Such A Time As This.
  • Understanding the Book of Joel: The Day of the Lord


Staff Review on one of Kameel Majdali's product:

Finding time & finances to go to Bible collage to learn more about God is a struggle for me, but when I listen to this MP3 I feel like I’m in the lecture room getting a one on one.  Kameel is a great Bible teacher from Melbourne, and has a wonderful gift teaching the Bible without making my head explode.  In this particular timeless teaching, covers the book of Colossians.  This study explains the current world problems like the heresy, cults, falsehood & division. Kameel just didn’t give me a history lesson but also teachings how to apply God’s Word to life.  Broken down into 35 sessions of about 16-19min each makes this ideal to listening on the go, or doing my own personal bible study at home.


Below is a detailed description of each of the products included with this pack:

Philippians: How to Have Joy in All Circumstances  -  With a world full of crises & conflict, a rise in anxiety and depression has occurred, even among Christians. Now is the time to learn the great secret of Philippians: joy in all circumstances. Joy has nothing to do with external situations. After all, why do western nations with their high standards of living, relative prosperity & freedoms, have so many unhappy people?

Pearls of Proverbs: Finding Wisdom in the Word of God  -  The book of Proverbs gives you an edge on God's Wisdom. It is profound, prophetic & practical. You'll be amazed at the wealth of answers to your ordinary needs! Proverbs has it all. Even the tough responses it sometimes offers will enhance your life for the better. Approx 29 hrs

Psalm 23: Your Guide to the Future  -  Apart from its inherent beauty, this psalm gives us guidelines for practical living today. Since there are no manuals of how to guide us through the Third Millennium with its issues of globalisation, a changing economy, the decline of the West, and the rise of postmodernism, this psalm shows us how to connect to the greatest Shepherd of all, namely the Lord himself. In this six hour series you will learn insights why the principles given in the Twenty-Third psalm are as powerful today as they were when penned three thousand years ago.

Understanding Genesis  -  To understand God, one needs to understand the Bible; and to understand the Bible, one needs to understand its foundational book, Genesis. Genesis tells us the story of creation and the origin of all things. More importantly, it introduces us to Abraham, man of faith and friend of God. With this man God initiates a covenant which will impact the world. The remainder of the Bible shows the outworkings of this covenant with Abraham.

Understanding the book of Revelation  -  It has captured the imagination of the church and the world for the last 2,000 years. This book is the seal of the prophets, the New Testament, and the entire Bible. For within its priceless pages, we learn about the most important person - Jesus Christ - and the most important event - His second coming. When this happens, we will see the greatest transition in history, where the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and Christ (11:15). Like all Bible prophecy, the Book of Revelation is your ˜early-warning system' regarding future events and God's standard of conduct. It is a light that shines in a dark place (II Peter 1:19), brings establishment and prosperity (II Chronicles 20:20), and conveys to us, like nothing else can, the testimony of Jesus Christ (19:10). In this fascinating verse-by-verse exposition, Understanding the Book of Revelation, you will see Jesus Christ and God's prophetic purposes in a powerful way.

Understanding the book of Mark  -  Mark, the shortest & oldest of the four Gospels, protrays Jesus as the tireless, active, servant of God, ready to hep all who come to Him. Covering all 16 chapters this 34 hour teaching series (with over 80 pages of printable PDF notes) will bring you greater insight about this power Gospel. With these 12 simple words begins the remarkable Gospel of Mark, the shortest and oldest of the four gospels. Here the story of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Son of David, Saviour goes into action preaching and demonstrating the coming Kingdom of God. In order to understand God, one needs to know His Word, the Scriptures. This is especially so with gospels, which tell the ˜good news' of Jesus Christ. In this fascinating series, Understanding the Gospel of Mark, you will see Jesus Christ in a powerful yet heart-warming way. You will learn: How Jesus of Nazareth is portrayed as the tireless, active, servant of God, ready to help all who come to Him; That Jesus had unprecedented authority in word and deed, unlike the scribes and others; The more Jesus was fruitful in His mission and ministry, the more furious the opposition became; About Mark himself, who is aptly described as the €˜comeback kid,' Other background information to help you better appreciate this gospel. Understanding the Gospel of Mark gives you thorough coverage of all 16 chapters of this book. Combine the audio MP3 teaching with 80 plus pages of printable PDF notes, you will have greater insight about this great gospel and the LORD that it so faithfully attests.

Adventures in Ephesians  -  And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus' (Ephesians 2:6 KJV). Paul's letter to the Ephesians is a most inspiring epistle which lifts you up from the deepest depths to the highest heavens. Ephesians focuses on the nature of the Christian Church and the identity of the believer. It enjoins us to commit to a deeper spiritual walk, and gives us practical points in which to live.

From Tragedy to Triumph: Understanding the Book of Ruth  -  Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God' -- Ruth 1:16ff (NKJV) It is often called a wonderful ancient love story. Yet the Book of Ruth, which has very little romance per se, is much more than a love story - it is a manifesto on the power of redemption. When all seemed to be lost, redemption came in, restored everything, and even gave more than could ever be imagined. Within this beautiful story of Ruth, you will discover: -How tragedy need not be the end of everything; -How two faithful women, who lost everything, never gave up hope; -How Ruth is the epitome of faithfulness - a role model for us all; -How Ruth the Moabitess, a migrant to Israel and a convert to Israel's God, found favour instead of contempt, with God and man; -How the law of kinsman-redeemer worked; -How God used Boaz and Obed to bring redemption to Ruth, Naomi, Elimelech, Mahlon and Chilion; What was really at stake in the Book of Ruth was the messianic lineage from Abraham to Christ via David. You will learn how redemption in Ruth restored this broken lineage. Indeed, Ruth became an honoured and named member of it (Matthew 1:5). From Tragedy to Triumph: Understanding the Book of Ruth, is part of the larger.

For Such A Time As This: Understanding The Book of Esther  -  'For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this' - Esther 4:14 (NKJV). It is a most unique, fascinating, yet unusual book in the Bible. No direct mention of God, no ference to spiritual activities, apart from fasting, and yet a heathen king is named many times.

The Day of the Lord: Understanding the Book of Joel  -  Few people realise how important and wonderful Bible prophecy can be. Its invaluable benefits include insight into the character of God, a preview into the future, an alarm clock to wake up the sleepers and sober up the drunkards. It provides an incentive for holy living and evangelism. The Apostle Peter says that it is the brightest light on this planet until Jesus Christ, the Light of the World comes again (ll Peter 1:19). Above all, Bible prophecy is a much-needed 'early warning service'. Early warnings save lives and souls. In this series you will learn about a vital component of the last days, namely, the Day of the Lord. No book covers this topic more thoroughly than Joel. In this in-depth series, you will receive unprecedented insight into this vital topic


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Understanding the Bible Pack (Kameel Majdali) mp3

Understanding the Bible Pack (Kameel Majdali) mp3

Understanding the Bible Series will inform and inspire you to a greater study of God’s Word and a better walk with Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour, and Lord. $15 each if purchased individually

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