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How Do I Get Close to God?

Published : 29/01/2015 13:44:37
Categories : Thought of the Week

I have a busy life. So I'm up early in the morning, because I'm best at that hour of the day. That's just me. I'm a morning person. I've always been at my best when everyone else is asleep and it's quiet. I'm alert. And for me, it's an awesome time to pray.

Now, that may not work for you. Maybe you have to get up early in the morning and commute to work. Well, Jesus is on that train. Jesus is on that bus. Jesus is in your car. That can be your time where you pray. It's as private as my study in the early morning because no one else knows that you're praying.

Or maybe it's the half hour after the kids go to school. Or, instead of watching that inane half hour show on TV after dinner (Doesn't matter how many channels we have, there's never anything decent on!) why not spend it with Jesus? Come on, how many times do we go to the television at night and there's nothing on and yet we watch it anyway?

How many times to people sit there and flick from one channel to the other and waste their time, only because it never occurred to them that they can go and delight themselves in intimate prayer? Do you see how our patterns of behaviour are so entrenched that we can waste time while convincing ourselves that we just don't have time to pray?


The real question is this: How much do you want to experience an intimate relationship with God? How much do you want to experience that closeness with God which is His promise to you?

How much?

Authored by Berni Dymet. An excert from 'How to get close to God' a resource available from

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