Jesus Among Secular Gods & Deliver Us From Evil Pack (Ravi Zacharias) HARDCOVER & DVD


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Ravi's new book Jesus Among Secular Gods and one of his most sort after teachings on DVD Deliver Us From Evil

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Jesus Among Secular Gods

The rise of these secular gods presents the most serious challenge to the absolute claims of Christ since the founding of Christianity itself. The Christian worldview has not only been devalued and dismissed by modern culture, but its believers are openly ridiculed as irrelevant. In JESUS AMONG SECULAR GODS, Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale challenge the popular "isms" of the day, skillfully pointing out the fallacies in their claims and presenting compelling evidence for revealed absolute truth as found in Jesus. This book is fresh, insightful, and important, and faces head on today's most urgent challenges to Christian faith. It will help seekers to explore the claims of Christ and will provide Christians with the knowledge to articulate why they believe that Jesus stands tall above all other gods.

Deliver Us From Evil DVD

Poignantly relevant for today's world, this 13-part video series offers powerful ammunition for today's warfare of ideas. Ravi Zacharias empowers informed believers to change their world.

While sweeping you away to remarkable settings that intrigue with their mystery and significance, this series is filled with eloquently-told stories, historical references and timeless truths that will open the eyes of the believer and seeker alike in many remarkable ways.

Newly re-mastered, with additional footage. Approx. 4 hours.

Session 1 - Winds of Change
In this opening discussion, Ravi Zacharias examines the parallels between Oscar Wilde's Portrait of Dorian Gray and our own cultural predicament, as he demonstrates the risks of holding a Christian worldview.

Session 2 - The High Noon of Promise
Nations dream, and it is good for the people of every nation to measure those dreams against the reality in which they exist. In this session we look at the dreams we once had, where we are at present, and where we are headed if we continue on our present course.

Session 3 - The Storms of Conflict
We discover the sources of conflict that have created tension between those who are dedicated to God and those of the surrounding secular culture who have grown increasingly hostile to faith. What can we do about it, and how are we to engage the culture?

Session 4 - The Twilight of Decency
We live in a pluralistic society, but if we fail to understand what secularism produces in a nation, we will find ourselves living in contradication. Our task is to perceive the risks and respond with informed beliefs and biblical understanding.

Session 5 - With Deference for Difference
Even as Rome fell, today we are facing the breakdown of Christendom. Ravi Zacharias challenges us to put aside the fantasies of a disintegrating world and seek the reality of truth through Jesus Christ.

Session 6 - The Flickering Flame of Reason
This segment deals with one of the most difficult philosophical ideas of our day; the idea that private beliefs can have no public forum. In order tod understand the dangers of such a worldview Ravi Zacharias examines this concept and exposes its weakness.

Session 7 - The Inexinguishable light of Absolute Truth
How do you distinguish between truth and lies? and how can you know that the claims of Scripture are true? We examine some of the ways various claims to truth may be tested.

Session 8 - Privatzation of Belief and the Disorientation of Self
We all hunger for meaning, but too often we live empty lives because our lives lack coherence. Our spiritual hunger must be fed or our lives and our culture will slide to a level of evil that no civilization can survive. Are we up to the challenge?

Session 9 - Establishing Boundaries
How we read and understand history sets the parameters by which we clean the lessons it offers. As we prove into the past, we will get a better glimpse of evil's long reach and how God shapes the soul even through evil.

Session 10 - Pulling Down the Fences
The story of Manasseh should be an eye-opener for our age. Through this biblical sory and other examples, we learn to deal openly with the problem of evil and to seek deliverance, not only for ourselves, but also for our society.

Session 11 - Restoring the Soul
We will examine the life of Manasseh's grandson, Josiah, and how he repaired the temple, and we will learn how God can redeem a nation and restore the soul of the people.

Session 12 - Th Unmasking of Evil
As we continue our investigation in to the ideas that have shaped our culture, we deal with the unmasking of what we have been calling "the mystery of evil".

Session 13 - The Ineradicable Word
Ultimately the claims of this world must be subjected to the authority of Scripture. While reason and intellect may aid in challenging hypocrissy and fraud, it is through His Word that God's will ultimately deliver us from evil.

STAFF REVIEW: "This is the absolute cream of the crop from all of Ravi Zacharias' teachings. I've seen them all and, in my opinion, this is his best. Each session is around 20 minutes but they're packed full of stories, history and timeless truths. They're short but they stay with you, challenging your thinking about spiritual warfare in today's world. The printable worksheets are great for homegroups. If your want to be ready to give a reason for the hope that is within you, this is a truly terrific resorce." John, Vision Christian Store


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Jesus Among Secular Gods & Deliver Us From Evil Pack (Ravi Zacharias) HARDCOVER & DVD

Jesus Among Secular Gods & Deliver Us From Evil Pack (Ravi Zacharias) HARDCOVER & DVD

Buy the pack and save over 20%

Ravi's new book Jesus Among Secular Gods and one of his most sort after teachings on DVD Deliver Us From Evil

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