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Walid Shoebat Bundle Pack


Two great products at a fabulous combo price. These topical bestsellers are now available at $89.90 SAVE $15

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Product #1 God's War on Terror (hard cover book)

In God's War on Terror, Shoebat and Richardson provide the readers with such abundant research that one needs to read the book in very small portions in order to process all of the information. Its central message is the case for a Muslim Anti-Christ, much to the chagrin of the more eminent prophecy elite with their ingrained western mind-set, who have held sway with prophecy-seekers for many decades.

Delving deeply into numerous Old Testament passages that most prophecy books never even touch, multiple new insights are presented that are so abundant and so striking that one wonders how they could have been ignored for so long.

The book concludes by bringing in numerous developing stories from around the world at the time of writing, and are now substantiated by the news headlines, particularly from the Middle East. God's War on Terror isunquestionably one of the most influential and world-changing books of recent decades.

Product #2 End Times Today (5 DVD pack)

Included is the complete 13 programme TV series End Times plus a free copy of the DVD, Diversity Starts with the Truth, with a total of nearly 10 hours of teaching and lectures by Walid Shoebat and experts on Islam.

These four DVDs, approximately 6.5 hours of Walid's teachings, are drawn from the highly acclaimed show featured on Harvest Television which goes through the Bible's text and modern times phenomena to illustrate how the Bible is playing out today - and what to expect tomorrow.

Episode 1 - Introduction
Episode 2 - Western Misconceptions Islam in Prophecy
Episode 3 - Tawhid and Shirk
Episode 4 - Both Mohammed and Lucifer Exalted as God
Episode 5 - Both Ride a White Horse
Episode 6 - By Peace he will Deceive Many
Episode 7 - Unlocking the Image of the Beast
Episode 8 - Unlocking the Mark of the Beast
Episode 9 - The Harlot
Episode 10 - Symbolism and Allegory Part 1
Episode 11 - Symbolism and Allegory Part 2
Episode 12 - Gog and Magog
Episode 13 - The Reality

In addition the package includes a free copy of the DVD titled Diversity Starts with the Truth (2 DVDs, approximately 4 hours). Learn from experts and former Jihadists what we are truly up against in this War on Terror. We ask the military to risk all for our freedom. Over five thousand soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice along with tens of thousands of other who bear the scars of battle. The least we can do is to honor their sacrifice with speaking truth in our discourse as a nation.

Lt. Gen. William "Gerry" Boykin - Retired; founder of Delta Force and former head of Military Intelligence
Major Stephen Coughlin - Former Middle East Analyst with the Pentagon
Robert Spencer - Best selling author and expert on Islam as well as founder & director of JihadWatch.org
Kamal Saleem - A former Islamic terrorist, now speaker & author, who sounds the alarm for Western civilisation
Walid Shoebat - also a former Islamic Terrorist, best selling author & media personality who also sounds the alarm for the freedom of the West.


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Walid Shoebat Bundle Pack

Walid Shoebat Bundle Pack

Two great products at a fabulous combo price. These topical bestsellers are now available at $89.90 SAVE $15

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