Each Product in our store has a unique Product Code. And it isn't just a random selection of numbers and letters! 

Everything starts with the letters SKU - that's just because! nothing further to add.

Then there is a 5 digit number - That identifies the product.

Finally there are 3 more letters or digits - these identify the type of product. eg products ending with DVD are... DVDs! Bet you didn't see that coming!

Here are a few more...

  • BKP is a BOOK that is Paperback
  • BKH is a Book with a Hardcover
  • CDA is a CD that will play in a standard CD player (the A stands for Audio)
  • GAM is a Game - we shortened it :)
  • TOY is a Toy - we didn't shorten it :)
  • MP3 is a MP3 formatted audio file (one that only plays on a computer or an MP3 compatible CD player)

By now you've probably got it sussed.

But here's one last piece of brilliant helpfulness

If you like the look of Chuck Missler's CD Acts Commentary you'll note it's Product Code is  SKU 10038CDA. But is it availble on DVD?  Well... if you search for just the 5 digit number 10038 in the big search thingey at the top of the page taa daa you have the choice of MP3, DVD, CDA or even a workbook!

Happy shopping!