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Superbook Easter Pack 3 x DVDs


Money saving 3 DVD pack. The Story of Easter on 3 Superbook DVDS - The Last Supper, Peter's Denial and He Is Risen.

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Grab this great set and be ready with the most important events in Christianity to share with your children, grandchildren, neighbours and friends.

The Last Supper

When Chris' band is invited to play in the World's Best Band Competition, success goes to his head and he demands that his friends treat him like a rock star.

That's when Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo back to a time when large crowds follow Jesus wherever He goes. Gather your family for an unforgettable adventure as Jesus makes His triumphal enter into Jerusalem, clears the money changers out of the temple, and prepares for a final meal with His disciples. You will discover that Jesus - a true King - humbly served others. It's all waiting for you in Superbook: "The Last Supper."


Peter's Denial

Tests aren’t just for school. Sometimes we face important tests in life, when we must decide the right thing to do. Why did Chris say he didn’t know Joy, and how did she feel? Have you ever pretended not to know someone because you were embarrassed or afraid?

Superbook: “Peter’s Denial” takes you back to the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Meet Peter, one of the twelve disciples, who is so afraid when Jesus is arrested that he denies knowing Him. Discover how Jesus reaches out to Peter and restores their relationship. You will see that, no matter how big your mistake, you can always find forgiveness!

Includes a Family Discussion Guide to talk with your children about how to apply biblical truth to everyday life


He Is Risen

When Chris' mum, Phoebe, says he must go along on a family dinner instead of attending a concert - Chris defiantly storms out of the house. That's when Superbook takes our heroes, and Phoebe, on a journey back in time to meet another mother and son.

Join the adventure as Chris, Joy, Gizmo and Phoebe become witnesses to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There Chris finds out what love and sacrifice really mean, and realizes how grateful he is for the love of his mum. "He Is Risen!" is a triumphant look at the obedience and suffering that led Jesus to the cross, and the mighty power of God the Father that raised Him from the dead. It's all for you and your family in Superbook: "He Is Risen!"


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Superbook Easter Pack 3 x DVDs

Superbook Easter Pack 3 x DVDs

Money saving 3 DVD pack. The Story of Easter on 3 Superbook DVDS - The Last Supper, Peter's Denial and He Is Risen.

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