Ken Legg Book Pack 5 x PAPERBACKS


Five books to help you understand what Jesus has done for you and how to make His work the foundation for your life. These books will bring deeper understanding to your walk with God and the power that comes from His grace.

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Tetelestai: It is Finished

There is only one true gospel, but this gospel has been corrupted in many different ways. This is tragic because the gospel is the power of God which transform us. Some think that the Christian’s power is to be accessed through various means such as prayer, fasting, giving, sacrificing, etc. The apostles taught differently. Their message was that if we believe the true gospel, God’s power will work in our lives.

The purpose of this book is to look afresh at what really happened at the cross. It examines the following:

- Some of the words used by the apostles to explain the death of Jesus, such as propitiation, reconciliation, justification, redemption, etc.
- Penal substitution: What is it? Did the apostles teach it? Was it taught throughout the history of the Church? Does this doctrine divide the Trinity?
- How can the wrath of God be reconciled with His love?
- Why did our redemption require the payment of a ransom price?
- If we can forgive others without a sacrifice, why can’t God?
- What is the way of Cain?
- Are we saved by the mercy of God, or by His justice?
- Is the whole world already reconciled to God through the cross?
- Are we saved through our faith, or through the faith of Christ?
- What did Jesus mean by His words on the cross, ‘It is finished’?
- How should the gospel be presented?
- Is hyper-grace biblical, or is it heresy?
And much more..

What's Eating YOU?

Life happens from the inside out. And yet we tend to attack human problems from the outside. For example, much of today's counselling is based on behaviour modification - an attempt to fine-tune the way people live by getting them to make external adjustments. In contrast, God's way of bringing about change is through transformation. He first writes the truths upon our hearts, knowing that our lives will always line up with what we believer in our hearts.

Medical science confirms that health and healing, also, begin on the inside. It is reckoned that at least 60%-70% of sicknesses may be classified as psychosomatic, i.e. the health of the body is determined by the state of the mind. One doctor says that, "Emotions such as fear, sorrow, envy, resentment and hatred are responsible for the majority of our sicknesses." However, our approach to health is, again, usually from the outside, i.e. by means of diet, exercise and prescription medicine. Whilst these things are important they will be of no ultimate value if the root problem comes from within.

We need to face the facts that more and more people suffer poor health and live hellish lives because of unresolved inner-stress and social conflicts. That's why this book is called, It's Not What You Eat That's Making You Sick But WHAT'S EATING YOU?

So, what's happening inside of you right now? Whatever is taking place in your life is a result of that which is in your heart. This book will help you to:

  • Know your own heart
  • Recognize the negative emotions which reside there
  • Understand how they got there, and God's way of dealing with them
  • Bring an end to unresolved inner-pain, such as anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, anxiety, depression, etc. enabling you to move on in your life
  • Bring closure to the grief resulting from the way that others have treated you in the past, e.g. through abuse, rejection, etc.
  • Know how to handle present toxic relationships
  • And more...

New Covenant, New Glory

New Covenant, New Glory will help you to understand what the Bible teaches about covenants.

A covenant is an arrangement placed between two parties for the purpose of establishing a relationship between them.
So, what has God placed between Himself and us as the basis of our relationship with Him? On what grounds are we to be accepted and blessed by God? Many Christians are still trying to relate to God on the basis of a covenant that no longer exists! Consequently they struggle in their daily lives and labour under condemnation.

Under the new covenant, believers are heirs to untold spiritual riches. Yet, being ignorant of our God-given inheritance will mean that, though rich, we will live in spiritual poverty.

New Covenant, New Glory will help set you free from old covenant thinking which tries to get you to pay for that which has been freely given to you by grace.

The glory of the old covenant was a fading glory. In contrast, the glory of the new covenant gets brighter and brighter. Wherever you might be in your Christian walk, there is still more glory for you to discover and enjoy!

Grace: The Power to Reign

A powerful revolution is sweeping across the Church worldwide as Christians are discovering how to put the amazing' back into grace. Thousands are being set free from legalism and are exchanging the shackles of religion for what they were promised when they were first saved – a love relationship with Jesus.

But this move of God has its critics. Some refer to it as ˜the hyper-grace movement'. Others are criticising it with old clichés that have been around for years. They refer to it as ˜cheap grace', ˜greasy grace', and say that grace is just a licence to sin. They obviously believe that grace is really disgrace.
It is true that every doctrine which has been relatively hidden for a long period of time runs the risk of the pendulum principle, i.e. being pushed too far in the opposite direction. When a truth is taken beyond its Scriptural boundaries, it becomes error.

The teaching of grace is not exempt from this danger. For this reason we need to look to Jesus and the apostles for the foundations of our faith and to understand clearly what they taught about grace. Alarmingly, many Christians seem to get their theology from their favourite speakers or internet blogs instead of studying the Word of God.

In Grace: The Power to Reign, Ken expounds grace in its Biblical setting. He shows that, far from it being a licence to sin or an excuse for laziness, grace is our power to reign in life – both in the midst of our circumstances and over the power of sin.

After reading this book you won't fall victim to the pendulum principle; but neither will you throw the baby out with the bathwater. You will see grace as God's ability in the place of your inability. Grace – your power to reign!
Grace Roots
Are you exhausted trying to live the Christian life? Do you wonder about that 'easy yoke' and 'light burden' Jesus spoke of? Ken Legg's book Grace Roots will take you on a 40 day journey, designed to give you a legalism-detox and soak you in the grace of God...



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Ken Legg Book Pack 5 x PAPERBACKS

Ken Legg Book Pack 5 x PAPERBACKS

Five books to help you understand what Jesus has done for you and how to make His work the foundation for your life. These books will bring deeper understanding to your walk with God and the power that comes from His grace.

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