Superbook Season Five (16 x DVD Pack)


Sixteen Superbook episodes at an unbeatable price. Contains many pre-release titles. A great way to build a strong foundational faith for your children. Each episode approx 25 minutes.

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The Birth of Moses

Just as Joy is heading out to the waterpark, she learns that her parents are helping at the community outreach drive today. As Joy grapples with what to do, Superbook appears and whisks the kids back to ancient Egypt. The kids meet Miriam who is helping her family hide her baby brother from the Egyptians. Pharaoh has decreed that all Hebrew baby boys be thrown into the Nile River! When the family can no longer hide the baby, he is placed in a basket and sent down the Nile River. Pharaoh's daughter discovers him and decides to adopt Miriam's baby brother as her son and names him Moses. After returning home Joy realizes that God had a plan for Moses and maybe for her too! She decides to seek God to reveal that plan and chooses to help out at the community drive by beginning a more mission driven focus. Exodus 1:1-22.


Chris, Joy and Gizmo hit the slopes on a ski trip with the church youth group. Chris begins to grapple with what it really means to be a Christian. As Chris ponders this, Superbook suddenly appears to transport Chris, Joy and Gizmo to Jerusalem at Passover time. There, they meet Nicodemus, a respected Pharisee and Jewish teacher. In the dark of night, the children follow Nicodemus, to secretly meet with Jesus and learn that everyone must be born again to see the Kingdom of God. Upon his return home, Chris takes a leap of faith to follow Jesus and become a Christian.


Chris is excited about his upcoming baptism; so much so that he forgets to show up at Joy's volunteer event. Superbook whisks them back to meet a tax collector named Zacchaeus in ancient Jericho. The kids are amazed to watch the transformation of a sinner like Zacchaeus when he meets Jesus. Joy sees that Jesus came to seek and save the lost--including herself! Joy realizes that she also needs to accept Jesus as her Savior--just as Zacchaeus did and begins to understand why Chris is so excited about being baptised. Joy prays to receive Jesus and then shares the good news with her parents. Luke 19:10

The Sermon on the Mount

After hearing Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, Chris and Joy can't wait to put what they've heard into practice. Comic chaos results from their over-eager and misguided attempts to put the Beatitudes into action. SUPERBOOK shows up to take them back to hear the Sermon again--and to walk beside the disciples as even they struggle to understand and live according to Jesus' teaching. Chris and Joy witness Jesus' encounter with a Roman Centurion and learn that the Kingdom of God is open to everyone who accepts the Lord and tries to follow the narrow path of Christ's footsteps. Back home, Chris displays his new understanding at a Bible study group that the first step in leading a Christian life is admitting you can't do it without God's help. Matthew 5:1


Chris and Joy are excited about their upcoming baptism. As they look through old photo albums, Chris wonders why his family never were church goers, as his grandparents were. Phoebe overhears this conversation and becomes emotional. Chris notices his mom's reaction, and wishes he could ask her about his questions. Superbook takes the kids back to meet Isaiah, a prophet who became God's mouthpiece. Chris realizes he can be God's mouthpiece with his mom. When he returns, his mother admits her heart has been stirred back toward God ever since Chris started talking about his baptism. Chris prays with his mom at the end, as the door to her heart is beginning to open to God again.


Chris and Joy were excited about their upcoming baptism, but heavy rains are ruining their plans. Superbook takes them back in time to learn what it means to become fishers of men. Superbook also snags Ellie and brings her on the journey with them. Chris and Joy see what it's like for Ellie to see Jesus for the first time and guide her to accept Him as her Savior. Back at home, the weather clears up and the baptism ceremony is back on - including Ellie! Matthew 4:19

Jesus, Friend of Sinners

Joy is excited to have new Christian friends and church activities to be wrapped up in. But, when one of Joy’s oldest and best friends invites her to her birthday party, Joy is unsure about going because it conflicts with a church group event. Joy doesn't know how to be the "new her" around her "old friends" who are not Christians. What if they don’t accept her? Is it okay to hang out with unsaved friends? Superbook takes the kids back to three Bible stories: The Parable of the Great Supper, The Calling of Matthew, the Tax Collector and The Sinful Woman. Joy is surprised when she sees how Jesus chose to spend so much of his time with sinners, tax collectors, the poor and those with infirmities. Jesus accepted everyone. Joy decides to attend Jolie's birthday party and realizes that the only way she'll ever be able to be more like Jesus is to follow His example in all she does. Luke 14:7-24

Paul Keeps the Faith

Joy's life is shaken to its core when her mom is suddenly rushed to the hospital with a serious illness. Joy questions why God doesn't just fix her mom and wonders what good the Bible is when something so terrible is happening. Superbook whisks the kids to Rome during The Great Fire. The kids meet the Apostle Paul and a Christian girl named Julia. Paul shows the kids how Christians suffered for their faith, but found strength and hope in the scriptures. When the kids return Joy has a new perspective, which gives her the courage to share Christ's love with her mum. John 16:33

Love Your Enemies

Chris has become a star on the church’s soccer team during its winning season. He now has a shot at making the regional All Stars. During tryouts, he is verbally and physically harassed because of his Christianity and Chris’ first reaction is to fight back.

Superbook whisks the kids back to the Garden of Gethsemane where they witness Jesus’ arrest and how He heals a servant’s wound. They hear Jesus’ words of forgiveness for his enemies as He dies on the cross. A time swirl moves them forward in time to witness the trial of Stephen and then watch helplessly as he is stoned by an angry mob. As Jesus did, Stephen forgives his enemies as he dies.

Returning to the All-Star tryouts, Chris understands how he needs to respond. He asks God for the strength and wisdom to reflect Christ. In a key skill test on the soccer field, Chris helps the boy who taunted him and begins to share Jesus and the Bible. Matthew 5:44

Paul and the Unknown God Pt1

Superbook launches Chris, Joy and Gizmo—plus a droid named QBIT—on a two-part adventure through time and space. In Part 1, travel to Athens, where the Apostle Paul challenges people who believe in many gods, including an unknown God. The children begin to see how to tell others about the one true God! Acts 17:1-34

Paul and the Unknown God Pt2

Superbook takes Chris, Joy and Gizmo—plus QBIT, a droid—to meet the Apostle Paul as he travels from Athens to Corinth. Discover how God reveals Himself through creation in the grand finale of this two-part adventure. The children learn to share how they know that God is real! Acts 18

Doubting Thomas

Chris tries witnessing to a group of kids on a mission trip and questions its effectiveness when they are unreceptive.

Superbook takes the kids to Jerusalem following Christ’s resurrection. Chris and Gizmo hear people say that Jesus' body was stolen by His followers. When Chris disagrees, he's arrested by Roman soldiers who have been bribed by Caiaphas to cover up the truth. Chris and Gizmo escape and are helped by the disciple Thomas.

Meanwhile, Joy walks with Cleopas and his companion on the road to Emmaus. They meet a stranger who explains how the Messiah's death was foretold in Scripture. Jesus appears to His disciples and charges them to go into all the world and witness their faith. Thomas insists that he won't believe Jesus is alive unless he touches the Lord's wounds with his own hands.

When Jesus appears again and Thomas finally believes, Superbook returns the kids to their own time. Chris tries witnessing again to the same local kids and experiences some encouraging results. Luke 24:48

The Promise of a Child

Chris has writer's block while trying to come up with a new Christmas song for the youth group's Christmas service. He needs inspiration like writers of Christmas hymns in the past. Superbook whisks our heroes away to witness Bible stories they have experienced on previous Superbook trips like the Garden of Eden, Abraham and Sarah, Moses' birth and leading God's people from Egypt, Ruth and Boaz and David and Goliath. Finally, the kids watch as Mary is told by the Angel Gabriel that she will give birth to the Son of God. With that, Chris, Joy and Gizmo are whisked home and Chris has his inspiration for his new song - "The Promise of a Child." Genesis 3:15


Chris, Joy, Gizmo and Professor Quantum travel on a mission trip along with Pastor Aaron and the youth group. The professor is anxious to get his water purification system operational before nightfall and before a storm arrives. Chris and Joy roar off in the Gizmo-track 8000 to transport fresh water to the camp. On their way, the children encounter a young boy named Mateo. Superbook suddenly appears to whisk Joy, Chris, Gizmo and Mateo off just as a huge boulder loosens in the mud and begins to roll down the hill directly at Mateo’s house! On their adventure, the children revisit past encounters with Jonah, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. They are reminded that God hears and answers prayer and has the power to rescue His people in miraculous ways. Upon their return, the children join in prayer just in time to witness a present-day miracle as the boulder narrowly misses Mateo’s house. The storm finally passes as the mission group ministers to the local people. Daniel 3:1-30

Heroes of the Bible

Chris wants to spend time with the heroes in the latest Holo-9 Game rather than lead a youth group Bible Study. Superbook whisks Chris and Joy away leaving behind a shocked Gizmo for the first time ever!

Gizmo frantically tries to locate where Superbook has taken Chris and Joy and find a way to bring them back! Chris and Joy revisit Bible heroes Noah, as well as Joshua and Rahab, and see them in a new light alongside his Holo-9 heroes. Superbook also reminds them of other real-life Bible heroes such as Abraham, Joseph, David, Esther and Daniel.

When Chris returns, he leads the Bible Study and offers a new perspective on being a real hero in God's eyes. Romans 15:2

The Widow's Mite

Chris has been saving his allowance and lawn mowing money to purchase an expensive new telescope. Meanwhile, the church youth group is involved with a food drive. Chris becomes conflicted about donating money to support the food drive or sticking with his plan of buying the telescope.

Superbook arrives to take Chris, Joy and Gizmo to the Jerusalem Temple. There they meet up with Jesus' disciples while He is teaching. As they watch, a widow makes a donation into the temple treasury. She gives only two mites, but it is all she has to live on. Jesus comments that the poor woman gave more than the other wealthy contributors who gave only a tiny part of their surplus. This causes Chris to rethink his attitude about tithing to his church.

Once home, Chris wrestles with his decision, but finally comes to a place where, like the widow, he gladly donates all his money to the church mission. Mark 12:41-44


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Superbook Season Five (16 x DVD Pack)

Superbook Season Five (16 x DVD Pack)

Sixteen Superbook episodes at an unbeatable price. Contains many pre-release titles. A great way to build a strong foundational faith for your children. Each episode approx 25 minutes.

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